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All Sculptures are hand-shaped originals, one-of-a kind custom works of art. They can be made in various metals or stone in any color to suit your aesthetic preference.

“Nocturne” 12” sculpture $5,000. Carbon Fiber
  w/painted keyboard.

“Baby Grand” 12” sculpture $5,000. Marble.

“Concerto” 24”
sculpture $11,000. Marble.

“Capriccio” 36” sculpture $24,900. Painted Carbon

“Rhapsody” 36” sculpture $24,900. Marble.

Sonata 6-foot marble $99,800.

Giclées/DigiGraphique 40" x 25" $750

Large Metals- “Symphony” Series (10-feet and up). Bronze, stainless steel, painted aluminum.

Large outdoor sculptures in various metals create a majestic statement. Metal surfaces can be painted or patinated. The chemical processes by which a patina forms is called patination. Beautiful color treatments and surface effects can be masterfully applied.

Sculpture prices depend on size, materials, finish, foundation/support needs and shipping/destination.

Quotation on request. Contact Adrian Butash

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