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“Homage à Steinway” piano sculpture

Music Academies and Schools now have a new vehicle for rewarding excellence. Whether it is an outstanding teacher, a loyal supporter, or a brilliant student, an Adrian Butash piano sculpture award signifies excellence. Different sized piano sculptures in various materials can be created. A 36” or 4 foot sculpture can add distinction to a concert hall entryway, recital room, foyer, staircase, or courtyard. The individual or institution honored enjoys a significant visual presence.

Smaller 10” objet d’art piano sculptures can be awarded to students and faculty who merit recognition. This beautiful 10” sculpture is like an “Academy Award” conferring honor from one’s peers. The smaller sculptures present an opportunity for institutions, academies and schools to solicit underwriting for this new program with limited edition sculptures awarded to various to donation levels. The sculpture symbolizes and salutes excellence, artistry and accomplishment.

A beautiful 10” lead crystal sculpture is being developed for distinguished awards to people who merit the honor of recognition.

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