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“Homage à Steinway” piano sculpture

Music Lovers. Celebrate the joy of music in your life. Music, piano music, the sultry shape of the piano, has fascinated us since time immemorial. We have all been mesmerized by the beauty of the piano as an object of intrigue. No other musical instrument has a shape that is so beautiful, compelling, seductive, and lyrical. This shape has not been celebrated in art, until now. An Adrian Butash piano sculpture in your home, apartment or garden distinguishes you as one who has significant taste. The sculpture is a conversation piece, and makes a statement that is unprecedented. A lyrical sculpture in a foyer is a welcome to visitors that is without equal. In a living room, it adds elegance and class. In your office, on your desk it reminds visitors that you have taste, culture and something special—that je ne sais quois factor.

An Adrian Butash sculpture is the new conversation piece.




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