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A New Holocaust Education Initiative:
The Mauthausen Holocaust Memorial

People everywhere continue to be indifferent to racial hatred, intolerance, human rights, and anti-Semitism. No individual in the 21st century can be indifferent to this social evil. A powerful new moral education program to combat intolerance is about to be launched, with new perspectives on how to reach and teach people, especially the young. The initiative is based on a fascinating and untold story from the Holocaust: The Mauthausen concentration camp.

The Mauthausen Holocaust Memorial Foundation has the support of significant holocaust historians and people of importance who recognize the holocaust is a critical issue that must continue to be addressed in new and effective ways.

The Mauthausen Holocaust Memorial Foundation has secured federal exemption status as a 501C3 non-profit public benefit corporation.

Inquiries regarding this program may be addressed to Adrian Butash, Founder and Director at

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