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Piano Sculpture    Nocturne

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“Homage à Steinway-Nocturne” celebrates the most illustrious name in music. It is the name of the very first limited edition sculpture series. The colorful hand-painted painted keyboard offers the first illustration of the joy of music in a sculpture. The edition is 1/200, signed and numbered by the artist. Comes with elegant Certificate of Authenticity. Created 9/2008.

“Homage à Steinway-Nocturne” $5,000.


Chromatic Frieze: The Colored Keyboard
The ”Chromatic Frieze " painted keys represents the glory of music, and will depict various musical thematic content: great composers, legendary immortal and contemporary artists, and beloved musical compositions. Commissions are being accepted to honor those musical genius’ important to your life, or to salute a performing arts organization, important patrons, or a corporate institution. Whether 24" or a 16-foot tall majestic outdoor sculpture, the Adrian Butash sculptures have beauty and distinction.

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