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Concerto    Piano Sculpture

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“Homage à Steinway- Concerto” Created in highly polished marble, this edition of four magnificent marbles is an exquisite statement of the affinity of art and music. The first principal of art and sculpture is significant form. The iconic Steinway silhouette and the wave-form profile results in a sculpture with significant form that the USPTO recognized with a design copyright. Each sculpture edition, 1/50 is titled, numbered, dated and signed. Four marble editions 1/50. All hand made originals.

“Homage à Steinway - Concerto Emerald”
“Homage à Steinway - Concerto Noce”
“Homage à Steinway - Concerto Noir
“Homage à Steinway - Concerto Blanc”

Marbles: Emerald, Quebec, Noce from Peru (both shown). Noir, Virginia. Blanc, Carrara, Italy

“Homage à Steinway-Concerto” $11,000.

© Copyright 2010 Adrian Butash. All rights reserved.