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Installation view: 12' 9" sculpture suspended by 3 “invisible” piano wires

Adrian Butash’s “Homage à Steinway” piano sculptures offer you a unique opportunity to bring his eye-catching and beautiful Steinway piano shape in a sculpture to your city or town. The sculpture celebrates the greatest name in music and makes a new and handsome edition to any art collection. The unique design of this work of art and its colorful painted keyboard can generate substantial public interest and media coverage. Art galleries and museums can unveil the sculpture with a piano recital for extra panache.

Sculpture size and material are open to creative discussion with the artist. The artwork can be “customized” to suit a specific institution, celebrate an important event or milestone, or honor significant people in your community. The sculpture enhances open spaces and parks. The combination of a large art work and the sales of a smaller-sized limited edition sculptures facilitates patron interest and the generation of funding support for local institutions.

The elegant sculpture makes an aesthetic statement for any collection

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