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“Homage à Steinway” sculptures in the garden at Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green’s 750,000 annual visitors will enjoy the 6-foot marble “Emerald Sonata” and the 36-inch “Rhapsody.” The works embody a copyrighted sculptural oeuvre that combines two concepts - the iconographic silhouette of the Steinway concert grand with a lyrical undulating music waveform profile. It is a dynamic sculptural model that simultaneously depicts the piano as physical instrument and the musical sound waves it produces. The sculptures are fast becoming a new place to pose for pictures. Fine art is usually a “hands off - look only” experience, but these piano sculptures invite touching and experiencing the smoothness and ethereal energy of 500 million year old marble. The artist invites children and adults to come and “play” his family of Steinways. 10% of sculpture sales are donated to the Snowman Foundation, benefitting music programs for children.

“Homage à Steinway - Emerald Sonata” 6-foot marble, $99,800.

“Homage à Steinway - Rhapsody” 36” marble, $24,900.

© Copyright 2010 Adrian Butash. All rights reserved.

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